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Northland Chapter of ATSSA

Latest updates:

2021 Virtual Event March 17-18
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Mission Statement
To be the leading voice in traffic safety.

Continue to be the vehicle/venue for further developing and
supporting communication and education to move the tri-
state region toward zero deaths.

Core Values
-Sharing information and knowledge
-Working in concert is more effective than the sum of the
individual efforts
-Being a resource/catalyst for new ideas and technology
-Community outreach

Strategic Directions
-By providing the “How To”
-By supporting other training opportunities
-By partnering with cities, counties, national ATSSA, and
other associations and groups
-By developing new opportunities to further outreach to
other entities

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National ATSSA

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-Permanent or temporary safety devices
-Installation and/or removal of pavement markings
-The manufacture and/or installation of traffic signing
-Design of traffic control plans